Cub Scout describes helping elderly neighbor

Posted at 7:36 PM, Apr 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-08 21:36:51-04

On March 26, a Great Falls boy named Blake Guernsey went for an after-school bike ride with his younger sister, McKenna.

According to their father Adam, the next thing he knew, his kids were yelling for them.

“The kids come flying into the front door, ‘Dad, dad, dad, there’s a lady hurt, she’s laying on the ground,’" Adam said. 

An elderly woman named Sally fell and broke her leg outside her home.

“I saw this old lady, she was on the ground. Should I freak out or not? No. And I knew what to do and I went over and I got my dad," Blake said.

Sally was outside, in pain, for over an hour before Blake rushed to her side.

“You could see that she was shaking and going into shock and apparently she had been laying there for over an hour and a half and nobody heard her or nobody saw her," Adam said.

Blake stayed outside and kept her calm while his dad ran inside and called 9-1-1.

She was taken to the hospital where she’s still recovering.

But Blake did something different the next day.

“He jumps on his bike right after school is like, ‘I’m going to go check the neighborhood for anymore hurt people.’ He’s either a future first aid guy, he’s going to be a future something,” Adam said.

And this incident has shaped Blake’s life in more ways than one.

“I really want to go to the army once I’m bigger," he said.

Adam said he’s proud of his son.

“I’m just really proud of my son and knowing that he’s honorable like that and is able to step up and be there for people when it’s needed," Adam stated.

According to Adam, Sally is still in the hospital with pneumonia.

Sally’s children released the following statement:

"We just want to thank Blake and his dad for the care and concern they showed for our mom. Mom says, ‘Blake is my angel.’ We are so appreciative that there are kids like Blake and parents like Rachel and Adam. Without their help, things could have ended very differently."

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