Flooding hits parts of Pondera County

Posted at 5:57 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 19:57:01-04

The sound of water rushing is usually meant to be relaxing, but it’s causing stress for some families in Pondera County.

“It’s just really mind-boggling, I guess. A little bit unnerving I suppose, too,” said Heidi Billmayer.

Billmayer and her family are stranded at their home.

“It’s really crazy. You don’t realize when you get this big of a volume of water how damaging it can be. We’re not really set up to be able to take any large volumes of water. I mean, so it’s got to go somewhere so it goes over.”

That water is damaging some property as it moves.

“It’s done a fair amount of damage, I mean there’s a lot of fence down, obviously. You can see the top of the railroad ties for the fence that’s here on the west side of this and I mean it’s deep. When he went across it with the tractor, you know, it was up over the frame of the tractor, so I mean that’s about five feet.”

Billmayer said she has enough food to last for a few week, and that if there is an emergency, her husband would be able to get them out using their equipment.

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