Officer who shot Parisian testifies during second day of trial

Posted at 3:46 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 17:46:11-04

The trial for Kevin Parisian continued in Great Falls on Tuesday as Great Falls Police Officer Tad Kimmet, the officer who shot Parisian, described the events that occurred in April of 2017.

According to Kimmet, officers were called to an apartment building on Central Avenue for a disturbance.

He said when the officers arrived at the apartment, no one answered the door.

Kimmet told the court that he heard a noise and saw that a door to an apartment was open and a woman was saying, "I am right here."

He said that he saw a woman with blood on her clothes and injuries to her face. Around this time, he said he also noticed Parisian and he thought Parisian had a gun in his hand.

Kimmet said that he pulled his gun and told Parisian to drop the weapon, which he did, and then Kimmet noticed it was a drill.

Kimmet testified that Parisian then grabbed the woman, took a knife out from his waistband, and held it to the woman’s throat.

"At one point, the victim was able to pull away though to her left, which opened up the right side of Mr. Parisian’s torso," Kimmet said. "So I lowered my sight picture to his torso and I fired two rounds in rapid succession." 

The trial is expected to wrap up on Wednesday.

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