Chester residents remain vigilant over flooding concerns

Posted at 6:51 PM, Apr 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 20:51:08-04

In twenty-four hours, the water from Cottonwood Creek in Chester receded significantly, but the people that live there are still keeping their guard up.

“There’s a lot of water left,” said Dennis Hanson. “We’re not out of the woodwork yet. Some of these reservoirs are filling up that dike, something could break and they got a levee over here that if it breaks, we’ll really be in trouble.”

Hanson has lived in Chester since 1996—the last time the town saw a flooding event.

Hanson got choked up when he talked about how much the community steps up in times of trouble.

“It brings back memories, but it brings back good memories of good people coming to help you," said Hanson.  

Buck Dahlin lives about a mile and a half outside of Chester’s city limits. He and his son were helping put sandbags out yesterday.

“A lot of people out yesterday and a lot of people were out helping, doing what they could do, sandbagging, doing whatever they could do to help out,” said Dahlin.

Dahlin and Hanson said many students were let out of class yesterday to also pitch in and help.

They said they’re still remaining vigilant because when the snow starts melting from the mountains, they could be in a similar situation.

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