Jordan World Circus delights Helena crowds

Posted at 9:30 AM, Apr 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-20 11:30:16-04

The Jordan World Circus returned to the Helena on Thursday with all the expected attractions including animals and high-wire performances.

The circus act travels across the western United States for 31 weeks and has about 200 performances in that time.

Arie Steeples is the ringmaster of the circus and is responsible for making sure the shows run smoothly.

"I tell the audience where to look, introduce the acts and also try to add a little support to the acts and make sure they have what they need so they can perform well," Steeples said.

Steeples knows the circus world like the back of his hand after joining the Jordan World Circus back in 1995.

At this circus, you can get your face painted, ride a camel and an elephant, and still have time to eat snow cones.

In between the performances, which feature high wire acts, motorcycles in steel globes and of course animals, the children are able to see for themselves what it’s like to hop onto animals that you won’t find here in Montana.

Myla Dahlke came to the circus with her dad and tried riding the camel first.

"I like it. It was fun and a bit bumpy," Dahlke said.

The circus comes to Helena for just a single day, and then it’s back on the road. Crews spend about four hours setting up the rings, stages and concession stands, just in time for an evening show.

Steeples said the circus has something interesting for everybody.

"Kids they love spider-man, they love the tigers, the motorcycle and the globe. We’ve got a good, well rounded family show," Steeples said.

The crew leaves Helena and arrives in Great Falls on Friday. There will be two days of performances at the Montana ExpoPark. For more information, click here.

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