Conway charged with threatening to “bury” a witness

Posted at 12:37 PM, Apr 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-26 14:37:31-04

Mitchell Brian Conway has been charged in Great Falls with felony intimidation.

Court documents state that on April 17th, Conway was arrested for assault on a minor after a witness (named as Jane Doe) reported alleged abuse to a child under the age of 3. At the time, Conway was released on his own recognizance because, according to charging documents, "…it was believed he was subject to a no bond hold as a MT Department of Corrections inmate (conditional release out of Teton County)."

Just after midnight on April 25th, Jane Doe received a phone call from a private number, and the caller identified himself as "Mitch." The caller threatened to "bury" Doe if she testified against him in the case, and reportedly said that he stood outside her house and "contemplated what he could do to her, her house, and her vehicle." He then told her that nothing would happen to her or her family if she kept her mouth shut.

After the call ended, Doe locked up her house in fear of her safety.

At about 2 a.m., Doe heard her dogs barking, and when she opened the back door, Conway walked in uninvited. Court documents allege that Conway told her she should keep her mouth shut if she didn’t want to get buried, and that she did not want to make an enemy out of him.

Two witnesses were in the home at the time, and both of them told police that they overheard Conway threatening Doe.

Court documents state that prosecutors consider Conway to be a danger to the victim, the witnesses, and the community due to his threatening actions, his inability to follow teh most basic bond conditions, and his willingness to tamper with witnesses.

Court documents state that Conway has several convictions in Montana for theft and carrying a concealed weapon; and also has convictions in Nevada for trespassing and driving under the influence.

Prosecutors requested that bond for Conway be set at $35,000

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