Caballero charged with assaulting a woman

Posted at 4:24 PM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-30 18:24:47-04

Cristo Adrian Caballero has been charged with two felonies in Great Falls after allegedly hitting and kicking a woman.

According to court documents, Great Falls police officers responded to the Great Falls Clinic on a report that a woman was assaulted.

The victim said that an hour before she arrived at the hospital, Caballero had punched her in the face twice and in the ribs until she fell on the floor of their motor home.

She told officers that while on the floor, Caballero kicked her in the legs approximately four times.

The documents state that her nose was bleeding, her face was red, and her legs were bruised.

The victim said that Caballero has been "physically assaultive" towards her before.

She continued that she has always been in fear of Caballero because when she’s tried to leave him in the past, "he would look for her and find her."

The documents continue that the victim was only able to leave because a friend had been walking by and heard the altercation.

The victim said she had screamed for help, which distracted Caballero, and allowed her to escape the motor home through the driver’s door.

When officers located Caballero, he said the victim woke up that morning and began "freaking out" and swinging at him.

According to the documents, officers observed slight bruising on Caballero’s face.

Caballero was charged with two felonies for aggravated assault and partner/family member assault as well as misdemeanor unlawful restraint.

Caballero had an active warrant for absconding and is on probation for possession of dangerous drugs. He also has charges for being a fugitive from Washington and bail jumping in the past.

He has at least two partner assault or domestic violence convictions and other violent offenses as well.

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