Bullock declares a statewide flooding emergency

Posted at 9:05 AM, May 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-02 11:05:49-04

Governor Steve Bullock on Wednesday declared a statewide flooding emergency in Montana and issued an updated executive order to provide state support where needed to local and tribal jurisdictions.

In a press release, Bullock said, "Recent rainfall and rapid snowmelt is causing rivers, streams and tributaries to rise out of their banks across most of Montana. As Montanans deal with the impacts of flooding, the state stands ready and is in constant communication with local and tribal officials about ways we can protect folks’ health, safety and property.”

Montana has faced snowfall and snow-water equivalent well above normal statewide since October 2017.

The State Emergency Coordination Center has received numerous declarations of emergencies from local and tribal jurisdictions throughout the state and continues to respond to resource and technical assistance requests from local and tribal jurisdictions.

The executive order allows the Governor to mobilize state resources and the Montana National Guard to protect life, health, and property, and to spend money determined by the Office of Budget and Program Planning to meet contingencies and address needs that may arise from the emergency.

Bullock’s Multi-Agency Coordinating Group (MACG) continues to keep informed of the flooding situation statewide and includes representation from local emergency managers, Montana Disaster and Emergency Services, the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, and other state and federal partners.

On April 18, Governor Bullock issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency due to flooding in seven counties, on the Fort Belknap Indian reservation and in the Town of Chester.

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