Newly restored Belt Performing Arts Center to receive Historical Preservation Award

Posted at 5:55 PM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 19:55:18-04

The 2018 Great Falls-Cascade County Historical Preservation Awards were held this evening at the Belt Performing Arts Center.

Traditionally the awards are held in Great Falls, but it was decided to host them this year at the newly restored Belt Theater.

The building is 102 years old and is receiving an award tonight for preservation of a historical building.

The courthouse of Cascade County is also receiving an award for the restoration of their copper roof.

Del Darko, who is the Fundraising Chairman for the Belt Performing Art Center says, “We’ve started on this project 25 years ago when the Masons gave it to the Belt Theater Company. We’ve been in a fundraising process and preservation, fortunately in the last year and a half we got significant amounts of dollars to in fact totally restore it back to its original splendor.”

He added that they plan on having a variety of weekly entertainment. This could include an Open Mic Night, which will be called ‘Belt it Out.’ They will also be inviting poets and novelists and will be having music, including the Great Falls Symphony.

The Belt Performing Arts Center is also home to the Belt Valley Shakespearean Players who will provide the theater with live dramas.

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