Spring Fling Hoop Thing brings business to Great Falls

Posted at 3:49 PM, Jun 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-03 17:49:42-04

(GREAT FALLS) A record 325 teams competed in the 23rd annual Spring Fling Hoop Thing 3-on-3 basketball tournament. The event is a fundraiser for the Alliance For Youth, and is the biggest 3-on-3 tournament in Montana.

Businesses also saw impacts from the event because in between games, people shop, eat, and explore Great Falls.

Big events in the area help out in a different way.

Brett Doney, president of the Great Falls Development Authority, said it’s a double impact.

"One, of course, we get the lodging, retail, gasoline, sales, what have you from tourist, which is an important part of our economy,” said Doney. “But secondarily, it supports that type of business that we’re looking for to keep and attract people and workers to the Great Falls area.”

The Tourism Alliance is doing an infrastructure analysis on the Montana ExpoPark to see how they can better utilize the area and looking at bringing in more events and more people to Great Falls.

Spring Fling Hoop Thing 2018 Winners By division

Kindergarten Male Division-Champions, Mini Bulldogs 2; 2nd Place, Up and Coming; Comeback Champs Screaming Eagles

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Female Division-Champions, The Blackfeet Girls; Rim Jammers; Comeback Champs, Wonder Girls

1st Grade Male Division- Champions, Belt Warriors; 2nd Place, Glacier Ballers Comeback Champs, Screaming eagles

2nd Grade Male A Division- Champions, Titans; 2nd Place, T-Birds; Comeback Champs, Cree Stars

2nd Grade Male B Division- Champions, Nets White; 2nd Place, Hot Shots; Comeback Champs, Ankle Breakers

2nd Grade Female Division- Champions, Longhorns; 2nd Place, Rim Jammers; Comeback Champs, Little Lady Herd

3rd Grade Male Division- Champions, Cap City; 2nd Place, NW Energy Thunder; Comeback Champs, Pikuni Hoops

3rd Grade Female Division- Champions, Golden Lady Huskies; 2nd Place, Rocky Boy; Comeback Champs, White Lady HotShots

4th Grade Male Division A- Champions, Lil Longhorns; 2nd Place, Capital City Ballers M; Comeback Champs, Ballers

4th Grade Male Division B- Champions, Capital City Ballers W;2nd Place, Wild; Comeback Champs

4th Grade Female Division- Champions,406 Dream 2; 2nd place, lil Panthers; Comeback Champs, Pikuni Divas                                                                                                                                                

5th Grade Male A Division- Champions, Helena Heros ;2nd Place, Spartans; Comeback Champs, Los Jefes

5th Grade Male B Division- Champions, 406 Fusion; 2nd place, Fast Breakers; Comeback Champs, Hustle n huskies

5th Grade Female Division- Champions, G.O. Hoops 2; 2nd Place, ZooTown Dynamite; Comeback Champs, Pikuni Shootouts

6th Grade Male A Division- Champions, Wolves; 2nd Place, Quake; Comeback Champs, Pukuni Elite

6th Grade Male B Division- Champions, Hoops 3; 2nd Place, Belt Huskies; Comeback Champs, Fort Benton Ballers

6th Grade Male C Division- Champions, Iron Horse; 2nd Place, Hoops 4; Comeback Champs, Big Sandy Pioneers

6th Grade Female Division- Champions, Superior Crushers; 2nd Place, Basket Ballerz; Comeback Champs, lady Hoopsterz

7th Grade Male A Division- Champions, Box City Bears; 2nd Place, And 1 Warriors; Comeback Champs, GF Rams

7th Grade Male B Division- Champions, Wyatt the Brave; 2nd Place, Cagers; Comeback Champs, Panthers

7th Grade Female A Division- Champions, Tropics ;2nd Place, Native express; Comeback Champs, Havre Heat

7th Grade Female B Division- Champions, Panthers;2nd Place, Shooting Stars; Comeback Champs, Lady Mountaineers

8th Grade Male A Division- Champions, Hi-Line Outlaws; 2nd Place, Ballstars; Comeback Champs, Two Talls and a Small

8th Grade Male B Division- Champions, Lottery Picks ;2nd Place, Showtime; Comeback Champs Hi-Line Warriors

8th Grade Female A Division- Champions, Trio of Trouble; 2nd Place, Silky Splashers; Comeback Champs, NMS Ballers

8th Grade Female B Division- Champions, GF Thunder; 2nd Place, Lady War Hoops 2; Comeback Champs

9th & 10th Grade Male A Division- Champions, Blackfeet Resistance ;2ndPlace, Jam Fam; Comeback Champs, BDB

9th & 10th Grade Male B Division- Champions, Goonies ;2nd Place, Shakers; Comeback Champs, Diamond Backs

9th & 10th Grade Female Division- Champions, Piikuni Nation; 2nd Place, Sauc3; Comeback Champs, N8V Ballers

11th & 12th Grade Male Division- Champions,3 Champs and 1Chump; 2nd Place, Livermore Chiefs; Comeback Champs, Big Ballers

11th & 12th Grade Female Division- Champions, 3 Blind Mice; 2nd Place, Slam Wow; Comeback Champs, Rocky Boy Sr’s

Regular Adult Male Division Champions, Soup-a-Starz; 2nd Place, Venture Stone; Comeback Champs, SYCC

61” male adult A Division- Champions, T-Rat; 2nd Place, Poi Time; Comeback Champs, Railers

61” male adult B Division- Champions, No Love; 2nd Place, BZN; Comeback Champs

Co-ed Adult Division- Champions, Nitsitapii ;2nd Place, SACQ; Comeback Champs, G8 Athletic Young Squad

Play 4UR Cause Division- Champions, Dandelion Foundation;2nd Place, University of Providence

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