Ashley Loring HeavyRunner: One year later

Posted at 4:01 PM, Jun 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 18:01:35-04

One year has passed since Ashley Loring, also known as Ashley HeavyRunner, was last seen on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and Ashley’s family said they will never give up hope for her to come home.

Kimberly Loring traveled from Washington to honor her sister with a march through Browning and a prayer vigil on June 9.

"I feel as if someone should have come forward by now because we want Ashley home," she said.

The siblings grew up on a ranch near Heart Butte where Kim said she promised she would always be there for Ashley.

"It feels awful sometimes because I feel like I let her down," Kim said. "I am here and I am always here. I just wish things could turn out differently for my sister."

The families of Matthew Grant and Clarence McNabb joined the march on June 9 as well, which helped bring awareness to those missing or murdered.

Grant went missing on December 15, 2016. His body was found in an alley in the Glacier Homes community north of Browning on December 31, 2016. 

In December of 2017, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced a reward of up to $10,000 for information about Grant’s murder.

McNabb went missing in North Dakota in December of 2017. His body was discovered days later in Williston where he had been working for two months.

"We know exactly what they went through when those boys went missing," Kim said. "We have the same feelings. We know what they have gone through. I am really glad they came with us on this march."

As the days go by, Kimberly Loring hopes another year does not pass before Ashley is found and they get the answers they are seeking.

"We will never stop. You are important and we will bring you home," Kim said. "I love you."

If you have any information about Ashley’s whereabouts or what may have happened to her, you are asked to call BIA at 406-338-4000 or your local law enforcement agency.

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