St. Ignatius school board addresses meth contaminant cleanup

Posted at 9:26 AM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 11:26:25-04

(ST. IGNATIUS) Saint Ignatius School Board members say they want Scott Johnson – recently arrested for drug possession – and his transportation company to pay to clean any methamphetamine contamination found in the school bus facility.

The District has been attempting to contact Johnson Transportation’s lawyer, to no avail, about legal action stemming from one of Johnson’s drivers being arrested for drug possession.

Johnson was arrested for possession of meth in late May. 

The school district has done testing for meth contamination in its school buses and bus barn following the arrest. Results show that the buses themselves have levels no higher than your average public area but the bus barn is at a level that will have to be cleaned.

The district is attempting to hold Johnson Transportation responsible but after making repeated attempts to contact the companies lawyer has heard nothing in return.

The school district still doesn’t know how much the cleanup will cost and that will depend on which option they choose to decontaminate the area.

"They didn’t really give us numbers…he said that a building of that size anywhere from 15-to-25 depending on who does it. You know, the company that did the testing also does clean up. He said he’s very expensive but there are other companies that can do it for lower or again a private person could do it, but they would have to get consultation clean enough to pass a test," superintendent Jason Sargent said.

The school district is hoping to bill Johnson Transportation for the cleanup but won’t know if that’s possible until they are able to speak to the company’s lawyer.

  • Reported by Connor McCauley

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