Meeting held to discuss sidewalk requirement at C.M. Russell High School

Posted at 10:58 PM, Jun 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 00:58:04-04

The city of Great Falls is looking at requiring a sidewalk near C.M. Russell High School, but Great Falls Public Schools went before the Board of Adjustments this afternoon to request a change to that requirement.

The city wants to add approximately 1,200 lineal feet of sidewalk to the south side of CMR’s campus on 14th Avenue Northwest.

Superintendent Tammy Lacey said they anticipate little use from the sidewalk and they would be responsible for clearing snow off the sidewalk.

She added the money that would be used to put in the sidewalk in could go toward educational purposes instead.

“We feel that that 100,000 would be better spent in educational space within the actual addition and the actual building that we’re doing there on the campus,” said Lacey. “We just think that snowplowing that and maintaining that overtime is just a burden that we don’t think there is equal benefit to making the neighborhood more walkable.”

A person who lives in the area expressed that her and her husband are in favor of adding a sidewalk.

She said GFPS should be held to the same standards and responsibilities as other property owners in the neighborhood.

There was also a request to remove shrubs from the CMR building because of the possibility people could hide things like bombs and guns in them.

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