Some roads washed-out in Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest

Posted at 1:00 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 15:00:18-04

Due to the recent steady rainfall, many areas across the Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest are severely impacted, including multiple roads being flooded, washed-out and impassable.

Forest officials said in a press release that these areas could be dangerous and should be avoided

Currently, the Rocky Mountain Ranger District is severely impacted in some areas of the District due to fast-flowing water that has overrun multiple roads and areas. The following roads are temporarily closed for public safety due to major flooding and wash-out situations:

  • Benchmark Road (FS Developed Road #235) is closed. Multiple segments of this road have been washed out between Double Falls and Wood Lake.
  • Beaver-Willow Road (FS Developed Road #233) is closed. A segment of the road within the vicinity of Sawmill Flats, which is at the mid-point of where the road ends, has been washed out. Gates are closed on both ends of the road as a result of the impassable segment; additional areas along the road are slumping and/or experiencing rolling rocks on or across the roadway.

Many places across the District (and other areas across the Forest) are experiencing extremely high flows making even the smallest of creeks dangerous for both food and horseback travelers; it is strongly advised that people avoid impacted areas until conditions and areas stabilize.

Other areas that are severely impacted by washed-out and impassable conditions include places in the vicinity of Swift Dam Reservoir, and from the Pondera County campground and trailhead. Many county roads, including the South Fork Teton Road, are impacted and/or impassable, making access to the Forest temporarily unattainable.

Additionally, rental cabins on the Rocky Mountain Ranger District are currently inaccessible due to the impassable roadway(s) leading to the cabins. People who had cabins rented during this time can contact the Forest Service office for more information.

Forest staff are checking on various sites and roads across the forest to address additional flooding impacts.

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