Flood Warning for part of Cascade County (video)

Posted at 11:10 AM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 13:10:22-04

The National Weather Service on Wednesday morning said that major flooding is now expected to occur along the Missouri River between Cascade and Great Falls, including areas of Great Falls. 

The latest forecast for the Missouri River near Ulm is now predicted to reach 17 feet, which matches the historic crest from 1953, according to the NWS.

Expected impacts to the area include: flooding of Woodland Estates Road, flooding of the marina along Lower River Road, flooding of Country Club Golf Course in Great Falls, and flooding of homes in the Country Club area in Great Falls.

The NWS posted on Facebook:

The current forecast of 17 feet at the river gauge at Ulm would match the historic crest from 1953. While this forecast contains some level of uncertainty, we have high confidence that the river will reach at least 15.5 feet. At 15 feet, flooding of the Woodland Estates Road area, including some homes, is expected. At 17 feet (the current forecast), flooding of homes in the Country Club area of Great Falls is expected.

Sherry Denham shared video of the Dearborn River from about 500 yards north of where it meets the Missouri River, which is several miles north of Craig.

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