Electric City Archers takes hit after flooding

Posted at 5:47 PM, Jun 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-24 19:47:34-04

While Great Falls was mostly spared from damaging floods, one club did take a huge hit.

In a Facebook live post, Tony Peres announced Electric City Archers, a private club, range was underwater and that they were canceling all scheduled tournaments for 2018.

“The flooding has pretty much wiped all that out,” said Peres, the club’s president. “That’s our big revenue maker, that’s how the club survives. Every dollar goes back into the organization.”

Nearly $5,000 worth of foam targets also took a hit. Seven of those targets were recovered and three were pulled from the ground before the water carried them away.

“They acted just like a bobber, so when the water level did get in there and flood, it pulled them right out of the ground. Softened the ground enough that it just popped.”

They also flooded in 2011, but he said this one is a lot more stressful because of the newer targets.

“We never had to go back and rebuild all these before. This is going to be the new challenge, going back in and measuring out, sinking these and putting them in the right place. The frames, some of the frames came apart and we’re going to have to rebuild those, so it’s just the fact that they came out and they moved and that’s created quite a headache.

Once the water recedes, he hopes the community will lend a hand.

“Anybody that wants to volunteer to help when its time, I’m going to reach out on Facebook again and we’re going to try to organize some parties to go down there and start cleaning up so we can get back to shooting. If we can make it happen, and get it done, maybe we can host a late shoot or something end of July or something right before bow season kicks off.”

Peres added he may create a GoFundMe account to help cover some of the rebuilding costs. We’ll update this story if he does.

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