Traveling with the press pool for President Trump’s visit to Great Falls

Posted at 12:59 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 14:59:19-04

(GREAT FALLS) MTN News reporter Jill Valley got a rare view of President Trump’s visit to Great Falls on Thursday and learned how covering the President works when you’re in the press pool. Jill was the only Montana TV reporter who got the opportunity to tag along with the national press pool on Thursday, providing a chance to get closer to the President and watch the national correspondents work.

MTN News met the other national reporters as they got off Air Force One and gathered under the wing of the airplane. The reporters then waited for President Trump to come down the stairs to the dignitaries waiting to greet him. The President then he got into a waiting armored vehicle.

Reporters literally ran to the media buses and got into the motorcade headed toward the Four Seasons Arena. Every intersection was blocked and guarded by law enforcement and the crowds lined the streets all the way to the venue.

Jill and the other reporters set up in the press pen where most got their laptops set up and began live tweeting or sending stories to their newsrooms. The reporters had to leave the arena before the President was finished speaking to get back on the bus so they were ready to get back in line with the motorcade.

Heading back to Great Falls International Airport, the streets were still lined with people, all taking pictures and videos of the procession — which was impressive with giant black SUVs, buses, and emergency vehicles, with all the flashing lights escorting the president.

Jill said her biggest takeaway was that they don’t waste time. Once Air Force One landed, it was full speed ahead — and President Trump doesn’t wait for the media.


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