Former Hill County Attorney received $49K to resign

Posted at 4:51 PM, Aug 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-03 18:51:11-04

Former Hill County Attorney Jessica Cole-Hodgkinson received $49,000 to resign her position, according to the Voluntary Resignation Agreement obtained by The Havre Herald.

Cole-Hodgkinson’s term ran through December 31. The reason for the agreement — between she, the county commissioners, and any other “entity” acting on the county’s behalf — the document says, was to “induce” her to resign.

The agreement says the county promised confidentiality to Cole-Hodgkinson. 

Attorney Gregory Bonilla of Montana Association of Counties Defense Services, an organization of county governments, said the county was advised that the agreement is a public document and that The Herald was entitled to it. The Herald filed for the document under the Montana Public Access to Records Act. 

The agreement is dated July 19; it was signed by Commissioner Mark Peterson that same day and by Cole-Hodgkinson on July 26. 

The agreement has a non-disparagement section, which says that Hill County officials “shall refrain from making any oral or written statements about (Cole-Hodgkinson) which are intended or reasonably likely to disparage (her) or otherwise have a detrimental effect on her professional reputation.”

Click here to read more at The Havre Herald.

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