2 Quality Life Concepts clients chosen to paint traffic light box

Posted at 9:25 AM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 11:25:54-04

(GREAT FALLS) Quality Life Concepts supports children and adults with developmental disabilities throughout north-central Montana.

With the help of QLC’s partnerships with Easter Seals and the Very Special Artists (VSA) program through Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, they were able to participate in a contest and submit artwork to be chosen for the painting of the traffic light boxes around town.

Two clients of QLC were chosen to paint the traffic light box in front of Milwaukee Station. These two members are Stephanie Hager and Renee Curcis.

Stephanie and Renee painted an eye-catching multi-colored abstract on the traffic box.

Jen Butler, who is the Community Development Director for Quality Life Concepts, said, “We’re just really proud to be able to have partners who really can focus on our peoples’ abilities and what they can contribute to their community.”

Stephanie said she used a lot of different colors in the abstract painting; Renee said her favorite color used in the abstract were pink and purple.

Butler also said, “It’s a huge sense of pride, for QLC as an organization, but also for Stephanie and Renee and any of the artists involved in the project to be able to have their artwork displayed downtown where anybody can see it.”

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