Brownstone Fire in the Bob Marshall Wilderness has burned 1K+ acres

Posted at 5:29 PM, Aug 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-09 19:29:05-04

(GREAT FALLS) The Brownstone Fire in the Bob Marshall Wilderness has now burned an estimated 1,086 acres.

It was detected on August 2nd, and was ignited by lightning on July 28th. 

There have been no injuries, and the fire has not damaged or threatened any buildings or structures. There is no containment at this point, according to Inciweb.

On August 8th, the fire moved through most of upper Brownstone Creek and to the southeast. The fire burned into and through a high elevation bowl at the head of Francois Creek along the Flathead Alps. The fire progressed approximately halfway across the head of Francois Creek. A spot fire was observed on the divide between Francois and Cayuse Creek. With the current weather conditions, additional growth in upper Francois and Cayuse Creek is expected. 

Minimal movement down Brownstone Creek to the west occurred. Despite the active day yesterday no smoke was observed in Sandstone Creek, no new spots were observed in the South Fork of the White, and existing spots in the White have not grown.

Firefighters will continue to monitor the spread of the fire with ground and aerial resources. Ground resources will be in place with equipment at the Big Prairie Work Center.

There are no closures to report at this point.

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