Yarber charged with running from police and possessing meth

Posted at 11:59 AM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 13:59:57-04

Coy Yarber is facing criminal charges after he allegedly ran away from a police officer during a traffic stop and was found with meth.

Court documents state that on Wednesday, August 8th, a police officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that had expired registration. 

The driver pulled over to the wrong side of the road, and the passenger – later identified as Yarber – got out and ran away. 

The officer chased after Yarber and ordered him to stop. Yarber jumped over a fence, breaking the top bracket, and the officer was able to apprehend him. 

The officer found a clear baggie of a crystallized substance in Yarber’s pocket, which later tested positive for meth and weighed five grams.

Court documents note that Yarber is a non-compliant violent offender with convictions for theft, robbery, assault with a weapon, attempted escape, kidnapping, and possession of a deadly weapon by a prisoner.

Yarber is charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs (felony), and misdemeanor criminal mischief and misdemeanor obstruction of a peace officer.

Prosecutors requested that bond for Yarber be set at $25,000, consecutive to any other outstanding bond.

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