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Lamere facing theft charges in Great Falls

Posted at 10:12 AM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 15:42:56-04

Rickena Sue Lamere faces one felony charge for theft and two misdemeanor charges for allegedly stealing a vehicle.

Court documents state that a Great Falls police officer responded to a report of a stolen vehicle on August 10. 

A woman told the officer that an oxygen tank, $1,080 in cash, her debit card, and other items were in her vehicle when it was stolen.

The vehicle was parked at a house with surveillance video, which showed a "female with dark blonde hair approximately 5’2" and 100 pounds," according to court documents.

Although the video doesn’t show the woman getting into the vehicle, based on her movements in the area and the vehicle leaving the residence, there were no other conceivable suspects, according to court documents.

Later that night, a man called dispatch and said he found the vehicle. When he approached the female suspect, she "took off all her clothing except her bra and underwear, and ran away from the vehicle yelling ‘rape’."

The man said that "at no point did he place his hands on her."

The officer attempted to locate the woman, but was not successful. The man posted pictures of her on Facebook and several people identified her as Lamere. 

When the vehicle was released back to the owner, the woman said that the money was missing and that there was new damage one of the doors.

Lamere was arrested on August 11 on another stolen vehicle complaint.  As she was being taken to the county jail, she claimed that she had been sexually assaulted the night before. The officer took Lamere to Benefis Health System for a sexual assault assessment, and initiated a sexual assault case.

Later, when questioned at the police station, Lamere said that she had received permission to drive the vehicle from her employer.

Court documents note that Lamere has a pending felony in District Court for which she failed to appear for sentencing four times.

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