Valley County undersheriff withdraws from sheriff’s race

Posted at 2:23 PM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 16:23:34-04

Valley County Undersheriff Luke Strommen withdrew his name from the sheriff’s race on Monday, according to the Valley County Clerk and Recorder.

Strommen is currently on paid administrative leave and is being investigated for an incident that occurred four years ago.

According to the Division of Criminal Investigation, Sheriff Vernon Buerkle requested the investigation into the official misconduct allegation.

The incident that led to the investigation happened under the leadership of Sheriff Glen Meier, who retired early in 2017.

Joe Horn and the newest candidate, Thomas Boyer, are both currently running for sheriff of Valley County.

(July 31, 2018) Valley County Undersheriff Luke Strommen has been placed on paid administrative leave since June.

Strommen is currently being investigated for an incident that happened four years ago.

In a press release, Sheriff Vernon Buerkle said the investigation is being conducted by the Division of Criminal Investigation of the Montana Department of Justice.

The incident that led to the investigation happened under the leadership of Sheriff Glen Meier, who retired early in 2017.

Details of the investigation are not being released by the sheriff’s office or state investigators, but in a statement released June 18 Buerkle said: “This action is the result of an ongoing investigation being conducted by investigators from the Montana Department of Justice for an incident which occurred approximately four years ago.”

Strommen is currently running against Joe Horn for the position of Valley County Sheriff.

A spokesman for the Montana Department of Justice confirmed Tuesday that DCI is investigating Strommen for allegations of official misconduct. The state agency’s involvement came at the request of the sheriff.

The spokesman said that when the investigation is complete, prosecutors in the Montana Attorney General’s Office will review the case file and make a determination of possible charges.

Strommen could not be reached for comment.

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