Wounded grizzly bear captured along Marias River

Posted at 10:14 AM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 12:14:02-04

Wildlife officials have captured a wounded grizzly bear along the Marias River.

The Montana FWP Prairie Bear Monitor page on Facebook made the announcement on Tuesday morning, noting that the bear was "removed from the population due to it’s condition and concern for human safety."

Officials believe the bear was wounded by a gunshot on July 26, and they are still investigating to try to determine who shot the bear.

According to FWP, the bear had acquired unsecured apples and pet food from residences and therefore was coming close to homes in search of an easy meal.

FWP said in the Facebook post: "Having a wounded bear that searches for food near homes is inadmissible. This situation could have been avoided if the bear never obtained food near residences. Secure all bear attractants such as apples, pet food, chicken feed, garbage, grain spills, or any other smelly food item that would draw a bear in."

FWP also included a photo of the tracks of the bear and explained: "These tracks show that the individual bear was dragging it’s front right leg and was unable to put weight on it. A grizzly that cannot use it’s front leg suffers as it cannot properly dig dens or obtain food like roots and insects."

(AUGUST 7, 2018) State and federal wildlife officials are trying to capture a wounded young male grizzly bear along the Marias River east of I-15.

The bear was reportedly shot on July 26, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks, and the incident is being investigated by FWP and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Authorities have not yet determined who shot the bear.

On Tuesday morning, according to FWP, the bear was about three miles east of the interstate. The grizzly bear is collared and FWP is monitoring its movements. FWP has also been talking with landowners along the river so they are aware of the situation. 

When the grizzly is trapped it will be taken to a veterinarian to determine the extent of its injury.

FWP said in a press release that currently on the Rocky Mountain Front, wild fruits are maturing, and bears are eating chokecherry, serviceberry and, soon, buffalo berry.

People should be cautious when in thick brush along the Marias and any other river flowing east from the Front. Always carry bear spray, make noise, travel in groups and be aware of bear tracks and signs of bear activity.

FWP noted that grizzly bear attacks are rare and usually happen due to surprise encounters, where the bear is startled, then charges out of fear.

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