Grace Home Veterans Center breaks ground for garage

Posted at 10:15 AM, Aug 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 12:15:00-04

(GREAT FALLS) The Grace Home Veterans Center broke ground on Thursday for its new garage.

Grace Home is at 2211 5th Avenue North

For months now, they have been accepting donations to achieve this goal and are finally able to turn this dream into a reality.

The new garage will be a space for veterans to learn and will also serve as a mentoring center.

Grace Home hopes to be done with the garage in October.

They are always grateful for donations such as tools, old furniture, and anything the vets can refurbish.

More information can be found on theirFacebook page, or click here for more info.

(AUGUST 1, 2018) The Grace Home in Great Falls continues to make steps towards their goal of building a garage.

Through donations, they hope to create a space for veterans to learn, and have a space to be used as a mentoring center.

On Wednesday, they received a $3,500 donation from Northwest Farm Credit Services.

The company says it strives to provide grants to non-profit organizations for projects that improve rural communities.

The money will be used to not only start construction on the garage, but to show them the support.

"Homeless in our community tend to be invisible and they tend to be people others sometimes do not respect and do not see as fully human. So when an organization steps up with money to do a project like this, it’s also a signal to the men that they have worth and value and they have a place in our society,” Deborah Kottel, Saint Vincent De Paul executive director, said.

So far the Grace Home has raised $35,000, but the garage will cost nearly $40,000.

They expect to break ground this month on the new garage.

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