Great Falls man faces felony charges after alleged “drug-fueled rampage” in Butte

Posted at 9:25 AM, Aug 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-18 11:25:33-04

(BUTTE) Shane Casey of Great Falls faces felony charges after he allegedly terrorized some residents in a quiet neighborhood on Butte’s west side.

Police say the man went on an apparent drug-fueled rampage armed with a loaded handgun.

Butte police accuse Casey of walking up to a home on Steele Street, knocking on the door, and when the resident opened, he pointed the gun at him and demanded his car.

Butte Sheriff Ed Lester said, “He slammed the door and apparently didn’t slam completely, so he didn’t know if the suspect entered his house or not, he’s quite certain he entered the house, so officers initially responded there, but then they got the second report.”

While officers were headed to the scene, police say Casey pointed the gun at a caretaker at West Elementary School, demanding he give up his vehicle.

“That person just drove away and called us as well so officers responded to the area, talked to the original complainant, set up a perimeter, they were able to spot him on the 900 block of Platinum Street. He attempted to flee briefly, at some point he threw his firearm and then he ran out into the middle of the street and a number of officers were able to take him down there,” Lester said.

Police say that nobody was injured in this potentially dangerous situation.

Casey has been charged with felony counts of robbery and burglary and remains in jail as of Friday.

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