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Shellrock and 467 Trail fires update (August 18)

Posted at 2:33 PM, Aug 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-27 11:53:18-04

Firefighters continue to make progress on the Shellrock and 467 Trail fires.

The Shellrock Fire has burned an estimated 437 acres, but is now 30 percent contained with 103 personnel assigned.

According to fire officials, the fire stayed within the constructed fire lines during Friday night’s cold front passage.

Fire resources will continue suppression efforts such as building and improving the fire line, monitoring for hot spots, mopping up, and other tactics as needed.

The fire is burning 25 miles north of Helena in the Beartooth Game Range.

The 467 Trail Fire is 23 acres and 50 percent contained with 25 total personnel assigned.

There are now only two portions of trails closed: The Continental Divide Trail (#440) at junction FS Road #136 is closed to the junction with Marsh Creek Road (FS #485) on the north. The Helmville-Gould Trail is closed from the junction with Trail #487 on the west to the trail end at Trail #440.

The fire is southeast of Lincoln in the Poorman Creek area.

Both the Shellrock and 467 Trail fires started on Saturday, August 11 by lightning.

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