Montana woman recovering from rock-climbing accident

Posted at 6:36 PM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 20:36:22-04

(HELENA) A Montana woman is recovering following a June rock climbing accident that left her severely injured and permanently disfigured.

On June 30th, Kaylene Murphy was rock climbing with her boyfriend at Natural Bridge outside Big Timber.

Murphy’s parents say that as Murphy was acting as the anchor for her climbing partner, a six-foot slab of rock broke off and severed part of her leg and hand.

An air ambulance flew her to Billings where doctors had to amputate part of her arm and most of her leg.

She also sustained a brain injury, broken ribs, and fractured vertebrae.

Kaylene’s mother Crystal talked to MTN about the moments following the accident and her daughter’s recovery and positive attitude.

Crystal said, “The main thing to me, at that point was, I had asked, is she still alive, just tell me she’s still alive…and I knew if she was alive, then we could get through anything else. Her attitude is incredible, and we just see God working every single day in our lives.

Kaylene hopes to teach others rock climbing safety, like the importance of wearing a helmet. Kaylene also says she is ready to get back out there and climb again.

To follow her journey go to her Facebook page “Prayers for Kaylene Murphy”.

  • Reported Mercedies Pruneda for MTN News

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