New students arrive at Carroll College

Posted at 9:33 AM, Aug 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-20 11:33:07-04

On Sunday morning, the Carroll College campus was buzzing with activity. It was the first day for new students to move into their residence halls.


“There’s nothing like the opening day on a college campus,” said Chato Hazelbaker, Carroll’s vice president for enrollment management and marketing. “It’s an exciting time for the students, and it’s an exciting time for the faculty and staff. This is really what we’re here for.”


Hazelbaker said leaders expect about 320 freshman and transfer students to come to Carroll this year.


Most freshmen come to Guadalupe Hall. On Sunday, students from Carroll’s Gold Team and other campus organizations were on hand in the parking lot, waiting to help them move in.


“We all swarm their cars and bring all their stuff in so the parents and their kids don’t have to do that,” said Mary Van Dyke. “We try to welcome them to campus as best we can.”


Many of those assisting the new students got the same help when they started at Carroll.


“It definitely made the moving experience much easier, took away a lot of the nerves,” said Julia Sciuchetti.


Freshman Lane Buus and his family came in Sunday morning from Harrison.


“The move-in’s been great,” he said. “I’ve had like 20 people help me to my car, pack all my stuff to my room. I’ve met my roommate, met some people that I know here.”


He said he’s had some nerves, but he expects it will be a fun year.


“I’m excited to start school here,” he said. “It’s a small campus, which is close to what I’m used to, so that will be good.”


For the last few weeks, Carroll’s campus has been quiet. Student-athletes were among the few who had already moved in to their housing for the year.


Freshman football players Tony Collins and Kaleb Adams both came to Carroll from Texas.


"The people here are so nice and so friendly,” Collins said. “The people that live on this third, second and first floor, we’ve all really clicked, and it’s like a family now."


Jake Resch, another freshman on the football team, said the feel of the campus changed once other students started to arrive.


“There’s a lot more people here, I noticed that this morning,” he said. “It’s nice that everyone’s moving in now. It feels like everyone’s here now – feels great.”


Now, everyone is in agreement: The excitement is building for the new year.


“It’s very high energy,” said Amelia Schuver. “It’s good to get the energy back on campus.”


New student orientation events will continue at Carroll through Tuesday, and classes will get underway on Wednesday morning.

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