“Paws in the Pool” closes Last Chance Splash’s season

Posted at 6:58 PM, Aug 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-26 20:58:28-04

Sunday was National Dog Day. In Helena, it was also dogs’ chance to play at the local pool.

More than 150 dogs came to the Last Chance Splash Waterpark and Pool Sunday afternoon for the third-annual “Paws in the Pool” event.

Sunday was the last day of the season for the park, and the pools will be fully drained starting on Monday. So, managers turned down the chlorine levels and let the dogs get in the water for a few hours.

Corinne Moore brought her dog Lincoln to the event.

“We just heard about it on Facebook, and so we thought we’d come down,” she said. “It’s chaotic, but it’s really fun.”

Moore said Lincoln, a year and a half in age, is just beginning to enjoy the water.

Nann and Maizy Parrett came down with their dog Eddie.

“It was a blast,” said Nann Parrett.

She said Eddie only swam briefly, because some of the other owners started giving him treats.

“He liked to swim; he was just more interested in the hot dogs,” she said.

Despite that, Maizy said she still had a lot of fun watching the other dogs swimming and fetching tennis balls.

Moore and the Parretts all said they’d like to come back for the next Paws in the Pool event.

“I hope people see it and come next year,” said Moore.

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