Herberger’s final day, all merchandise must go

Posted at 12:50 PM, Aug 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-29 14:50:03-04

Wednesday marks Herberger’s final day after being open for more than 40 years in Great Falls.

Sales started with everything in the store at $5 or less and prices will continue to decrease throughout the day. Everything must go.

Joyce Stotts, who is from New York and in town visiting relatives, said, “I always liked Herberger’s a lot and every time we come to Great Falls we would come to Herberger’s. Then I saw last night when we drove by, the store closing.”

Stotts is in her second year collecting clothing for David’s KidZ International, which is a nonprofit Christian organization helping to meet the basic needs of children in desperate situations around the world.

She realized the Herberger’s closing sale would be the perfect opportunity to collect items for the nonprofit without spending a lot of money.

The store is planning to remain open throughout the day until all merchandise is purchased.

Shawn Dixon, the store manager, said, “It’s pretty devastating to all of us. All of our employees, obviously the community, is going to be impacted. We’re definitely going to be missed with the selection that we carry here.”

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