Bert & Ernie’s restaurant has closed; owner Janet Neil thanks the Great Falls community

Posted at 10:50 AM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 12:50:35-04

Bert & Ernie’s restaurant, a fixture in downtown Great Falls for decades, has closed. The restaurant is located at 1st Avenue South and 3rd Street.

"Closed" signs have been placed on the doors and windows.

Last week, owner Janet Neil announced at least a temporary closure, saying that she wasn’t sure about the future of the restaurant, and that there were "lots of balls in the air" and she and her team were considering their options.

On Wednesday, however, Neil shared the following message with KRTV:

After 8 years, it is with mixed emotions that I am officially announcing the closure of Bert & Ernies. Contrary to all the speculation and rumors, it was simply an extremely difficult business decision I had to make, after which I took some very much needed time to digest this experience and what it means to me.  While it is the end of this dream for me, I cannot even begin to place a value on the learning or relationships that I made through this business over the years.   I’ve developed friendships with customers, employees and vendors that all believed in me and supported my dream.  I want to deeply thank everyone for all the support and the love they have shown me during this time. I deeply appreciate it and I am ready for the next chapter.  While this amazing journey has come to an end for me, it also presents the opportunity for someone else to follow their own dream.  I will be working with the previous owner, Phil Kiser to find a new owner that will take this location into it’s next phase of life, whatever that may be.  We are both excited for the future and we hope to see this space evolve into a business that helps keep downtown vibrant and alive.  Sincerely, Janet Neil. 

The Bert & Ernie’s restaurant in Helena is not affected and remains open.

(AUGUST 21, 2018) Bert & Ernie’s restaurant in downtown Great Falls has closed – at least temporarily.

The restaurant is located at 1st Avenue South and 3rd Street.

"Closed" signs are placed on the doors and windows.

Janet Neil, the owner, told KRTV that the decades-old restaurant is closed for a "re-set."

She said that there are "lots of balls in the air" and they are considering several options.

Neil stressed that she and her team are grateful to all of their customers and the entire community, but she isn’t able to say yet if or when the restaurant will re-open.

We will update you when we get more information.

There has been an outpouring of reaction on the KRTV Facebook page:

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