Sivertsen charged for driving recklessly and leading police on a brief chase

Posted at 1:11 PM, Aug 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-31 15:11:07-04

(GREAT FALLS) Newly John Sivertsen has been charged with one felony and several misdemeanors after he reportedly was driving recklessly and led police on a brief chase in Great Falls.

It happened on Thursday, August 30th, just after 5 p.m. when police officers received reports of a white pickup truck with spray paint all over that was driving recklessly. Officers had reason to believe they had encountered the truck and the driver – later identified as Sivertsen – recently, as one officer had been on a call recently where Sivertsen allegedly held a box-cutter to another man’s face and was driving the spray-painted truck. Another officer said that the spray-painted truck had eluded officers on Wednesday night, and knew that Sivertsen was "hostile towards law enforcement officers," according to court documents. In addition, officers had reason to believe that Sivertsen may have been carrying a loaded gun.

As an officer approached 2nd Avenue South at 9th Street, he saw the pickup truck; Sivertsen then turned southbound on to 10th Street South and then eastbound on to 3rd Avenue South, and the officer noted that Sivertsen constantly sped up and slowed down for no apparent reason.The officer then activated his patrol car’s lights and sirens and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. Sivertsen instead kept driving and accelerated, and began driving through residential neighborhoods at more than 40 miles per hour, according to court documents.

Sivertsen approached 3rd Avenue South at 14th Street and failed to yield, nearly causing a collision with another vehicle. The officer stopped following Sivertsen at that point due to concerns about public safety.

A short time later, the officer saw the pickup truck parked on 13th Street South with the driver-side door open. The officer recognized Sivertsen and ordered him to get out of the truck, but Sivertsen refused, and closed all of his windows and doors and locked them. A U.S. Marshal arrived at the scene to assist. Court documents say that Sivertsen began yelling profanities at the officers, and officers believed that he may have been reaching for a weapon, so they broke the window with a baton. An officer then pointed a Taser at Sivertsen and ordered him to show his hands; Sivertsen refused and continued yelling profanities.

At that point, the officer deployed the Taser; Sivertsen then reached for a large stick near the center console of the truck, and officers again used a Taser on him until he was able to be taken into custody.

Court documents state that Sivertsen has convictions in Cascade County for partner/family member assault; obstructing a peace officer; resisting arrest; and theft. He also has a criminal record in Nevada and Oregon.

Sivertsen has been charged with felony criminal endangerment and the following misdemeanors: obstructing a peace officer; fail to yield to vehicle; reckless driving; fail to signal intention to turn; stop sign violation; fleeing/eluding a peace officer; speeding; failure to carry proof of liability insurance.

Prosecutors requested that bond for Sivertsen be set at $20,000

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