Artist creates new mural in Helena

Artist creates new mural in Helena
Posted at 7:55 AM, Jul 15, 2022

HELENA — If you find yourself in the 6th Ward in Helena, you may notice a fresh new piece of art on the side of the Pentecost Builders building.

The mural, conceived by the Rotary Club of Helena, the City of Helena Public Art Committee, and those who live and work in the 6th Ward, is going up this week.

The mural, created by artist Madison Ruff, will be a welcome addition to the 6th Ward. It will show the landscape of Helena including the Sleeping Giant, Canyon Ferry Lake, trees, the valley, as well as silhouettes of 6th Ward buildings.

The idea is to not only beautify this part of the city but to create works of art that instill pride in the neighborhood.

“People feel a sense of ownership when they see something like that and a belonging. And it's for everyone and that's the, what I love about doing murals, is that it gives everyone a chance to see the process and be a part,” says Ruff.

The Rotary Club intends to challenge others to adopt a 6th Ward building or wall in order to create more murals. The current mural is estimated to be done sometime early next week.

All said and done, the mural cost about $15,000, provided by the Rotary Club of Helena and the City of Helena Public Art Committee.

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