COVID-19: how does Montana compare to neighboring states?

Posted at 3:47 PM, Apr 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 20:31:34-04

GREAT FALLS — We wanted to take a closer look at how Montana compares to other states as we continue to fight through the COVID-19 pandemic. We decided to look at neighboring states around Montana.

Looking at data from the United States Census Bureau, Idaho has the largest population and Wyoming the smallest.

  • Idaho - 1,787,065
  • Montana - 1,068,778
  • South Dakota - 884,659
  • South Dakota - 884,659
  • North Dakota - 762,062
  • Wyoming - 578,759

Looking at data from each state’s government websites, as of Monday April 13th we gathered information on the total number of reported cases, the number of recovered cases reported and the number of deaths by state. These numbers may not reflect the current totals in each state including Montana.

Out of these five states, the state with the highest number of cases as of Monday was Idaho and the lowest was Wyoming, following with their population as the highest and lowest of the group. It is important to note that out of these five, South Dakota and North Dakota do not have a stay at home order that has been implemented at this time.


  • ID -1453
  • MT - 399
  • SD - 988
  • ND - 341
  • WY - 275

Idaho’s state public health website did not list the number of recovered cases. However, Wyoming and Montana had the highest recovery rate out of those that had the data available.


  • ID - NA
  • MT - 197 - 49%
  • SD - 261 - 26%
  • ND - 138 - 38%
  • WY - 140 - 51%

And Idaho had the most number of deaths out of the five states.


  • ID - 33
  • MT - 7
  • SD - 6
  • ND - 9
  • WY - 1

Montana state information:
Idaho state information:
South Dakota state information:
North Dakota State information:
Wyoming state information:

As of Tuesday morning (April 14), there have been a total of 399 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Montana, an increase of five since Monday. There have been seven deaths to date, and increase of one since Sunday (source/map). There have been three deaths in Toole County, and one each in Lincoln County, Madison County, Missoula County, and Flathead County.

There have now been 50 hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients in Montana; 24 of those are considered "active hospitalizations." There have been a total of 197 recovered patients. The DPHHS public health lab in Helena has completed 9,234 tests for COVID-19, including 136 tests since Monday's update.

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