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Deliberate homicide charge filed after woman's death in Missoula

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Bradley Don Nagel
Posted at 9:45 AM, Oct 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-19 14:14:09-04

MISSOULA — Bradley Don Nagel is being charged with deliberate homicide following a weekend incident in Missoula that left a woman dead.

Prosecutors state in court documents that Nagel struck and killed Lucille Synek with his vehicle in the parking lot of WinCo foods on Saturday evening.

Nagel – whose eyes were described as bloodshot and glossy -- admitted to officers that he was involved in the incident, according to court documents.

Nagel told a police officer at the scene that he and Synek — who were in a relationship — had been arguing about relationship problems outside his truck.

Nagel said he tried to leave the area to cool off, but Synek stood in front of his truck and refused to move.

“Nagel drove his truck forward in a jerking fashion, hoping that Synek would move out of the way. Nagel explained that at some point Synek fell to the ground, and he ran her over,” court documents state.

A witness said that he had seen a man and a woman arguing and saw the woman kick the taillight of the male’s truck. The man then kicked the headlight of the woman's vehicle.

The witness said the man got into his truck and the woman grabbed on to the driver’s side of the truck near the rear wheel-well.

According to court documents, the witness heard “the female yell, ‘stop. I’m stuck,’ but the male continued to drive forward.” The witness also told police he saw the man – later identified as Nagel – drive over the victim with his rear, driver-side tire.

The witness later told detectives that during the initial argument, he saw the woman hit and push the man several times, and according to court documents said, “it did not look like the male ran over the female on purpose.”

Bradley Don Nagel
Bradley Don Nagel

Detectives viewed surveillance video of the incident and according to court documents, “Nagel stopped his truck for approximately one and one-half seconds while Synek was lying on the ground. Nagel then drove over Synek’s head/shoulder area. After hitting her, Nagel stopped his truck again, got out, and stood over Synek’s body. A short time later, he got back into his truck and moved the truck into a parking spot. Bystanders began helping Synek while Nagel stayed in his truck. He later got out again to check on Synek."

Synek was taken to a Missoula hospital where she later passed away.

Nagel is expected to make his initial court appearance in Missoula Justice Court on Tuesday afternoon.

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