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Lodge Grass man facing charges after traffic stop where he was bitten by police dog

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Posted at 8:58 AM, Jul 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-25 11:01:20-04

BILLINGS — The Lodge Grass man injured when a BIA police dog wouldn't let go of him during a traffic stop is now facing three charges in Crow tribal court.

Harris Red Star of Lodge Grass was cited with resisting arrest, obstructing, and assault on a peace officer after he was pulled over in Lodge Grass on Wednesday, according to tribal authorities.

The video that has been widely circulated on social media shows officers putting handcuffs on Harris as a police dog bites his foot.

Once the handcuffs are on, the BIA officer gives the command for the dog to release, but the dog refuses.

For the next 55 seconds, the officer works to pull the dog off. He eventually hits the dog with his hand or the dog's leash.

Red Star was taken to the hospital by ambulance and his family says he underwent three procedures on his foot and ankle and he has since been released.

(JULY 23) A Lodge Grass man is recovering Thursday night and a lot of questions are being asked after a Bureau of Indian Affairs officer deployed his dog onto a suspect during a traffic stop.

Lodge Grass man injured after BIA police dog bites him after traffic stop

The disturbing video is being widely circulated on social media.

The incident unfolded after Lodge Grass resident Harris RedStar was pulled over for a traffic stop Tuesday night. The circumstances surrounding the stop are not clear. RedStar’s family told MTN News that Red Star was pulled over for a traffic signal violation.

At some point, the BIA officer deployed his dog on Harris.

Once Harris was handcuffed, the officer attempted to pull the dog off, but the K-9 refused to release its bite.

At that point, the officer struck the animal until it released.

MTN talked with Andrew Emanuel, the president of the Montana Law Enforcement K-9 Association, who watched the video and shared his initial reaction.

Emanuel said the standard for K-9s and human officers is that when resistance is stopped and you have compliance, then the force that’s being applied needs to stop.

He said it will be up to the law enforcement agency to determine violations or any issues with standard operating procedures.

RedStar was taken by ambulance to a Billings hospital, where his family says he underwent three surgeries and returned home Thursday night.

Crow Tribe prosecutor David Sibley said citations were issued to RedStar and other bystanders at the scene. No one was arrested.

Sibley says he does not know the reason for the traffic stop, but he also points out that he does not know what happened before the video was taken.

We will update you if we get more information.