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Man sentenced for setting a trap that killed a dog

Jaymz Partida was charged with setting an illegal trap
Betsy died after getting caught in an illegal trap
Posted at 1:40 PM, Dec 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-19 15:42:59-05

MISSOULA — It was an emotional day in a Missoula courtroom on Wednesday as Jaymz Partida, charged with setting an illegal trap that killed a family dog, was sentenced for the crime.

A judge sentenced Partida to six months in jail, with all but five days suspended, for failure to recess a trap, and for helping to set four other illegal traps. He was also ordered to pay a $500 fine and almost $400 in restitution to the dog's owners.

The courtroom was packed as Betsy's owner told the court how he carried his dead dog home after finding her caught in that trap that was set near Hiberta Road in Missoula. Brian Dalpes says he attempted CPR on his pet but was not successful.

Partida apologized in court, admitting he did not read or follow trapping laws, and says he has no plans to ever trap again.

"I've had some explaining to do to my kids as well, and they weren't too happy because they are animal lovers,” said Partida. “Just so Betsy didn't die in vain, I don't need to trap again."

Partida has also been also ordered to take a trapping class next month and will not be allowed to get a hunting, fishing, or trapping license for 10 years.

(DECEMBER 6, 2019) Two men were cited for setting a trap in an illegal area that killed a young dog in the Orchard homes area of Missoula. Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks regional supervisor Randy Arnold says the trap was set near the Clark Fork River off of Hiberta Street.

A family with their dog, named Betsy, were recreating in that area on Sunday when their 17-month old dog was caught in the trap and died. Rachel Luger posted on Facebook: "Our sweet Betsy dog was caught in an illegal trap on Sunday night and she did not survive. Bryan and I have lost our family member. We are horrified and brokenhearted."

The two men were cited with state charges: one count of failure to appropriately mark the trap, and one count of an illegal ground set. According to Footloose Montana , the two men are Jaymz Partida, Sr., 45 years old; and Michael Bruno, 35. Missoula Animal Control also cited the men for illegally trapping within city limits.

Arnold says this was uncommon and very disappointing, saying setting illegal traps in obvious public places is something state wildlife agencies do not condone.

"By setting traps in a way in violation of how ground sets need to be set, puts at risk dogs and anybody recreating in the area," Arnold said. "Those regulations are in place to prevent these things from happening. If someone violates these regulations then you get these really unfortunate accidents."

Arnold said they are continuing to investigate what the two men were trying to trap, and added it was not an appropriate place for somebody to be trapping.

We will update you if we get more information.