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Electric City Pittie Committee will provide first responders with animal CPR kits

CPR kits come with 3 different-sized oxygen masks
Posted: 5:37 PM, Aug 07, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-07 20:21:14-04
Electric City Pittie Committee will provide first responders with animal CPR kits

GREAT FALLS — The Electric City Pittie Committee is looking for first responder organizations in and around Great Falls that are interested in obtaining animal CPR kits.

At the Electric City Pittie Committee’s yearly fundraiser, they received a large donation. They decided to use the donation towards something that would make a great impact within the community.

Electric City Pittie Committee president Erin Kolczak said they are all about creating safe communities.

Erin said the committee is all about inclusion of dog breeds, “We don’t want people believing things like certain breeds of dogs are mean just because they look a certain way.”

She said they contacted fire departments in our area and found out that nobody in the Great Falls area has CPR masks specifically for animals.

They purchased animal CPR kits, which include one small, medium and large oxygen mask designed for animals of all sizes. CPR masks for animals are cone-shaped to fit over the entire nose and mouth of the animal.

The committee was able to equip all Great Falls Fire Rescue and are now looking for other first responders in the community who need the masks.

They are hosting a competition through their Facebook page on who should receive the kits.

According to their Facebook post:

“The rules are simple. The Departments nominated MUST BE: Rural Fire Departments within 50 miles of Great Falls Volunteer Fire Departments within 50 miles of Great Falls Police Departments IN or within 50 miles of Great Falls Sheriff's Departments within 50 miles of Great Falls Ambulance/EMT Organizations IN or within 50 miles of Great Falls Who can nominate? ANYONE! Are you an EMT and you want to see one of these on your rig? Nominate your ambulance service! Are you a volunteer fire fighter and you think this is a good addition to your truck? Please! Let us know! Are you the spouse or family member of one of these hard working first responders? PLEASE tell us why this would make their job easier! Has your pet been saved by a hero who shows up with lights and sirens? Tell us all about it! We want to know WHY you feel your nominated department would be the best recipient of one of these kits. This is an ESSAY contest, folks! Tell us your story. Tell us about your nomination. Tell us about everything that makes you proud of them and why they would benefit from this donation. The nominations will be reviewed by our board. (oh, and we like pictures, too. You're welcome to supplement your entry with pictures. They make reading fun!) Be sure to include: Your name Email Phone # and email your submissions to (Or mail to: PO Box 1344, Great Falls, MT 59403- must be received by the deadline date. Not just postmarked by the deadline date) No later than August 18th, 2019 at Midnight. Winners will be announced at 8PM the evening of August 26th via Facebook Live feed.”

The committee will choose three first responder organizations to receive the CPR animal kits.

“Obviously their focus is going to be people first, but in the event that the people are stable and the animal is not, then they have the opportunity to utilize the tools to people to be able to help the animal,” Erin added.