DNRC is hiring for seasonal and full-time firefighting jobs

Posted at 5:10 PM, Feb 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-08 11:06:10-05

HELENA — Numerous firefighting positions recently opened at the Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation. The positions, which opened on February 1, are for various jobs that vary from seasonal to full-time.

Matthew Hall, the Fire Protection Bureau Chief for the DNRC, says that these jobs are vital to the health and safety of Montana and her citizens.

“Right now, Montana faces a forest health and a bit of a wildfire crisis with some of the activity we've seen and the increase that we're seeing over the years. And so, these are the critical jobs that are the day-to-day response of these firefighters protecting lives, property, and natural resources across Montana. And so, it's absolutely vital to the state that we get these positions filled,” says Hall.

Jobs include firefighter, engine boss, helicopter crew member, aerial observer, fuel truck driver, initial attack dispatcher, and forest improvement technician.

The DNRC designs, develops, and delivers training courses to permanent and seasonal firefighting personnel at no cost.

“In applicants, we're looking for somebody that's motivated, that likes the outdoors, and is willing to work as a, with a team. Those are key components to a firefighter who on a day-to-day doesn't know who they may be working with in the field,” says Hall.

Candidates must also meet minimum fitness levels for certain positions, as some fieldwork, especially in emergencies, requires above-average endurance and superior physical conditioning for extended periods of time.

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