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School project encourages students to learn about historical figures

Posted at 5:06 PM, May 07, 2019

GREAT FALLS – Foothills Community Christian School students had a chance to bring historical figures to life Tuesday for their 6th annual Living Wax Museum.

“I love how excited the kids are about it. They’ve asked if they could practice, if they could go get dressed. They’ve been really excited to present their historical figures,” teacher Alyssa Holland said.

The project gave students the opportunity to research war heroes, entertainers and athletes who impacted today’s society.

“It really gives them that hands on experience to step into someone else’s shoes and see what his shoe was like,” Holland said.

Those who attended the event could push a ‘go’ button and watch each student recite historical facts and stories to highlight the life of their chosen character.

“I love history, it’s my favorite subject. I especially have fun watching the kids get so excited. I want them to love history and to enjoy learning from the past,” Holland said.