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‘Stop the Ban’ rallies held across the United States

Posted: 5:08 PM, May 21, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-22 11:56:28-04

Rallies were held across the United States Tuesday in support of women’s reproductive rights.

The ‘Stop the Ban’ rallies were organized after some states, including Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia, passed abortion measures.

A small group in Great Falls protested the bans in front of Planned Parenthood. The activists said the bans are an attack on Roe v. Wade, which is the 1973 Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in the U.S.

CNN  reported that more than 50 organizations, including the American Civicl Liberties Union and NARAL Pro-Choice America, participated in #StopTheBans protests nationwide.

The rallies took place around noon local time in almost all 50 states.

The national Right to Life, which is the largest anti-abortion organization in the country, said it is fighting a different kind of national wave, according to CNN .

In a tweet , Right to Life reminded followers of the national convention in July.