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An introduction to 'practical shooting'

Paul Sanchez reports on a recent seminar that introduced people to what is known as "practical shooting."
Posted at 10:07 AM, Apr 20, 2024

GREAT FALLS — In the video above, Paul Sanchez reports on a seminar that introduces people to what is known as "practical shooting," conducted by Crooked Falls Practical Shooters.

Here is the transcript of the video provided by Paul Sanchez:

Sport shooting is popular all over the world. Even here in Montana, we have Olympic and world class shooters. Crooked Falls Practical Shooters is holding a seminar to introduce you to practical shooting.

Rick Wolke Executive Director of Crooked Falls Practical Shooting Club told us, this is our second full year in operation here in the Great Falls area. We're an affiliate of a nationwide club, the United States Practical Shooting Association. But as a local club, we we're relatively new just introduced to the Great Falls area. Tomorrow's seminar will be based on classroom experience in the morning, where we'll go over things like rules and gear requirements and classifications and safety.

These exercises help to teach you proper loading and unloading procedures as well as how to move with your weapon in a safe manner.

Rick continued to explain how the day will go. We'll break for lunch and then come out here to extreme stress shooting range and we'll have a real world live fire application of all the stuff that we went over. Transitioning targets, transitioning positions with your gun as it's loaded or you're or your reloading will drill. We'll go through all of those drills that we'll talk about in the morning session.

This type of shooting helps improve your technique and being more comfortable with handling your weapon. If ever needed in a real world situation.

For more information on the Seminar tomorrow, Click Here.