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Great Falls High School students build memorial Alumni Brick Walkway

Posted at 4:51 PM, May 14, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-15 13:51:03-04

This week, more than 1,000 etched bricks are being placed between the west side of Great Falls High School and Memorial Stadium.

The Bison Wear (Family & Consumer Science students of GFHS) etched the names in the bricks.

Kathy Goodman, the Family & Consumer Science teacher, was all smiles talking about the projects and the hard work of the students.

She explained, “Geoff Habel and Paul Culbertson came to us at the end of last year and thought that this would be another way we could make this campus more beautiful. We got the laser, learned how to run it, trained the kids, and the students have been a huge help in making this happen.”

The walkway, adorned with personalized bricks engraved with alumni names and graduation years, serves as a permanent reminder of the school’s rich history and the individuals who have walked the halls.

“We are a historic institution, we are the Great Falls High School,” said associate principal Paul Culbertson. “These bricks are history, and these bricks are individualized history for each and every person that's there. I can look over at these this top layer of bricks and I can see my great nephew's name. I can see someone who's graduating this year. I can see a lot of people who have made a difference here at the school.”

Great Falls High School provided the following information:

  • The bricks are being etched with a laser by the students. 
  • The earliest brick that's been sold is from an alumni in 1924
  • The latest brick is for a grandchild that will graduate in 2032
  • There have been more than 38,000 GFHS alumni since 1893
  • Bricks will be added as they are purchased for $40 per brick

The school will be taking orders for new bricks after the start of the 2024-2025 school year.