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Brush Crazy owners want to franchise Great Falls location

Owners want to focus on franchising nationwide
Dawn and Doug Marsh
Brush Crazy
Posted at 3:37 PM, May 19, 2023

GREAT FALLS — Dawn and Doug Marsh, owners of Brush Crazy, an art studio in downtown Great Falls, are planning to sell the location to a new franchisee because they want to expand. More specifically, they want to open more locations across the country.

Dawn is happy to talk about the wide variety of artistic opportunities available in Brush Crazy.

Working with clay and acrylic and making 3-D wooden signs are just two examples.

"Currently, Doug and I are running this Great Falls location as well as our Colorado Springs location. We moved corporate down there four years ago. We would like to franchise both of these locations so we can focus on franchising nationally," said Dawn.

Doug said franchising is something they've wanted to do since 2020 but had been waiting for construction to finish in the store.

Dawn and Doug Marsh
Dawn and Doug Marsh

Even though, as of May 19, it still isn't complete, they had decided to move forward.

"This is our baby. This is our first, flagship studio so we want to find the right person. But we did put it out there on Facebook and boosted it and immediately had about four or five potentials," Doug said.

"It's a tough transition knowing we started this one from scratch with 20 paintings and then moving forward. It'll be nine years old in July of 2023, so that's a long time. Looking back, it just seems like it's flown by," Dawn said.

As for the number of franchises they'll have and where, that's somewhat undetermined.

"We've got our maps planned out for where we'd like them, but we'd like to focus on where we can physically do it ourselves and then just go and visit our franchisees," Doug explained.

If you're interested in franchising, click here.


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