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Cascade County commissioners working on 2023 budget

Posted at 6:05 PM, Sep 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-20 20:09:31-04

A letter was sent out to Cascade County commissioners on September 16th. It details the Cascade County commissioners approach to building the 2023 fiscal year budget. They also made a key point toward the end detailing tax changes.

The overall difference in your taxes compared to last year will depend on changes in appraised value of your property. According to the commission's notes, if a property experienced a change in taxable value from last year, it would have an impact on an individual's tax bill.

For example, a homeowner within Great Falls who pays the countywide mill levy, whose market value is $212,700, would see an annual county tax increase of $10.73 or 2.9%. Similarly, a homeowner in unincorporated Cascade County who pays both county wide and rural mills, whose property valuation is $161,300, would see a property tax increase of $10.60 or 2.77%.

"We're hoping to see continuing economic growth," Budget officer Mary Embelton said. "The commission is continuing to invest in county facilities, even with these tough times that could be ahead with the inflation. We're hoping that we'll still keep we'll still keep growing and folks will still be investing in Cascade County."

The meeting also mentioned an increase in cost of services. That increasing cost also shows an increase in salary for county employees, including county commissioners, county sheriff, Treasurer, Justice of the Peace, Clerk of Court, and county attorney, all getting a 4.5% raise.

"We're the revenue collector for all of these different districts. We collect it and make sure it gets distributed in the appropriate numbers. So we're just doing what the public has asked us to do," commissioner Don Ryan said.

The expenditures for the fiscal year 2023 are broken up in a pie chart.

The largest expense is public safety just under $19.55 million or about 20.6%. This includes the operation of the Sheriff's Office, which includes the Cascade County Detention Center. Expenses have increased 22.1% from last year, resulting in this total number in just under $95 million. For more information about the budget, click here and follow the links.