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Cascade County election board takes two polling places out

Posted at 4:18 PM, Dec 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-13 18:18:32-05

GREAT FALLS — The Cascade county election board makes decisions on taking two election polling places out and pushing it to the expedition hall.

They came to this agreement because of the lack of voters going inside to vote and they were also having a hard time staffing the elections.

Centerville Public School and Ulm schools will be directly affected.

Another reason why was to keep kids at the school safe

“We don’t have no control of our voters going in and out of the schools so we just thought it would be a little bit safer for the kids that are um are in school we choose to take them out of there”. Says Lynn Deroche the Cascade County election Supervisor.

They will be sending out updates through the mail after Christmas for those who will be directly affected.

This will go into effect June 2020