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Children's Museum of Montana hosts Pinewood Derby fundraiser

Falls Pine Drag Race For Science
Posted at 8:18 AM, Sep 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-24 10:31:32-04

GREAT FALLS — The third annual Falls Pine Dragz Race for Science took place today at the Children’s Museum of Montana. Children and adults came to the museum to race pinewood derby cars and raise money for a new museum exhibit.


“We had asked the community and our museum members what sort of new exhibits they'd like to see here at the museum,” Tim Luoma, the development director of the Children’s Museum said, “And overwhelmingly, they asked for a simple machines exhibit. So, we are currently in the design phase of a simple machines exhibit. It will show young people how important simple machines are in our everyday lives, how they help us out. It'll be a kind of fun, exciting, hands on, new science exhibit here at the museum.”


Luoma is in charge of fundraising, marketing, and outreach for the museum, making sure the public knows about the events they have planned.


The money from the Falls Pine Dragz helps keep the Children’s Museum open, inviting kids to come and learn in a fun and exciting way outside of the classroom.


“We have created an environment here of hands-on learning, exploration, play, and really our mission, as I said, is igniting a passion for lifelong learning,” Luoma said, “And that's something we really instill in our members and our kids that come through here, to get them excited about learning.”



The fundraiser included raffles that could be entered. Prizes for the kids included gift baskets with art supplies and gift card for ice cream. Prizes for adults included Crown Royal whisky, Captain Morgan rum, and a total car detailing from Acme Body Shop. All the profit from the raffles goes back to the museum.


“It’s just kind of an annual event that we do to raise funds here at the museum and get people out for a good, fun race on a Saturday afternoon,” Luoma said.


In addition to the races, there were car-themed snacks available, as well as a taco truck parked outside.


If you missed the race but want to help support the Children’s Museum, Contact Tim Luoma at the museum by calling 406-452-6661. The museum is always accepting new donations.


You can also head to the Museum’s website to learn more at