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City Commission postpones decision on large vehicle parking

Posted at 8:16 AM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-09 10:07:11-04

GREAT FALLS — City Commissioners met in Great Falls on Tuesday evening, and one of the topics discussed was the proposed “Large Vehicle Parking Ordinance.”

It is designed to prohibit recreational vehicles like trailers and campers to be on the street and to change city code so that they can only be on the street temporarily, such as when someone returns from a camping trip and is unpacking. Click here to read the proposed ordinance (PDF)

The city has received numerous complaints about trailers and campers being left on streets and blocking drivers views mainly when turning and some residents have complaints of trailers who have not been moved in months.

With the proposed ordinance, campers in driveways are okay, but if it is out on the street, owners could face a possible fine from the city if it is enacted.

Deputy City Attorney Jeff Hindoien said during a commission work session that it is not a complicated ordinance but would take time to figure out all the logistics. “It’s not a particularly complicated ordinance from a legal perspective. The moving parts on this one will be with enforcement and how it pragmatically plays out on the ground,” Hindoien said.

Commissioners voted to table a decision until October 19.