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CMR High School hosts Business Professionals of America competition

CMR High School hosts Business Professionals of America competition
Posted at 6:27 PM, Jan 15, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-15 23:30:13-05

GREAT FALLS — Students from around the state competed in the Business Professionals of America Regionals held at the C.M. Russell High School.

Eli Crist: "So BPA stands for Business Professionals on America. So we try and take the stuff that we learned in school, in our classes and then a little bit more business in the community and then add that into a competition and use that in our world. I've been able to use it. I've tried out for internships, for other interviews and all these things. I've learned BPA with speaking and presentation operations. It's just really helped me to put that to the world."

This grueling competition put these students through interviews, financial testing, public speaking, and presenting a complete business presentation.

Trey Kinamon: "Be proud of an organization that is strong headed, as BPA. It's teaching kids to find the right footing forward and teaching that that their community. And there's a next part of our world business is something that ranges from economics to policy. They're our next leaders, scientists, lawyers and doctors. And so next time you're wandering around and wondering what BPA is, it's Business Professionals of America. And we offer so much more than just business. We offer a community."

The steps these students are taking will lead them in the right direction to become successful in business, their community and in life.